Full-Lengths (Selected)

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The Violet Sisters

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Pam comes home to Brooklyn to attend her father’s funeral. When she arrives, she is greeted by an angry sister, a dilapidated house and a past that she can’t escape. Despite all of her best intentions, the conversation quickly turns tense and the two sisters are forced to deal with all that they have let slip away, all the words that have been left unsaid for years. A two-person, one set, real time play, The Violet Sisters is a play about forgiving when you cannot bring yourself to forget.

  • Project Y’s Women in Theatre Festival, 2019

  • Urbanite Theatre’s Modern Works Festival, 2018

  • The Bridge Initiative’s Her Story Reading Series, 2018

  • Women's Theatre Festival in North Carolina, 2018

  • The Lark Roundtable, 2017

  • Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2016

  • Owl and Cat Theatre in Melbourne Australia, 2016

  • MadLab with New York Madness at IRT, 2015

Finalist: Artemesia, 2018
Semi-Finalist: SPACE on Ryder Farm, 2017
Finalist: Panndora's Box, 2015
Finalist: NEWvember, 2015

(3F, 4M)

ALLOND(R)A tells the story of Allonda and her friends as they wrestle their way through the summer - sometimes it's on the playgrounds in the projects of Coney Island, sometimes it's with their feelings and often it's at home. A coming of age story about friendship and heartache, ALLOND(R)A asks how much is too much to fight for?

  • Reading, The Leah Ryan Fund at the New Ohio, 2019

  • Workshop, The Joust Theatre, 2018

  • EST/Youngblood Bloodworks, 2017

Winner: Leah Ryan Prize for Emerging Female Playwrights
Runner Up: Yale Drama Prize, 2019
Finalist: Otis Guernsey New Voices in the American Theater Award, 2019
Finalist: American Blue Ink Playwriting Award, 2018
Runner Up: Jane Chambers Award, 2018
Semifinalist: Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2018
Finalist: The Doric Wilson Independent Playwriting Award, 2017

We Are A Masterpiece
(5F, 7M)

WE ARE A MASTERPIECE takes place at the dawn of the AIDS crisis, when the disease was still a mystery. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Joan, a no-nonsense nurse, becomes a sort of fairy godmother to the town’s gay community when no one else will step up to care for them as they die one by one. She becomes their friend, their mother, their sister, as they navigate life and death with this new plague. Out of the ashes of their collective lives, lifelong bonds are forged and beauty is found even at the darkest of moments.

  • Production with Retro Productions/14th Street Y, 2018

  • Commission from Retro Productions

Winner: The Doric Wilson Award for Independent Playwrights, 2018
Honorable Mention
: Christopher Hewitt Award, 2018
New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Original Full-Length script, 2018

(2F, 2M)

Kevin owns a Romance Depot.  Beth needs a vibrator.  The two of them form an unlikely relationship that straddles the line between friendship and romance.  What happens when two lonely people find one another?

  • Panndora’s Box, Panndora Productions, 2018

  • Youngblood Workshop, 2018

Semifinalist, Blue Ink Playwriting Award, 2019
Semifinalist, Premiere Stages New Play Festival, 2019
Finalist, Phoenix Theatre Festival, 2018
Finalist, DVRF Playwrights Program, Dennis and Victoria Ross Foundation, 2018

Annie and the Fat Man
(3F, 2M)

Annie is anorexic and Tiny is obese. They're best friends, Brooklynites through and through. When they each embark on new romantic relationships, will their relationship break or strengthen?

  • The Blank Theatre, Living Room Series, 2018

  • The Lark Roundtable, 2017

Finalist: Bay Area Playwrights Festival, 2017
Semi-finalist: Kitchen Dog Theatre New Plays Festival, 2017
Semi-finalist: Phoenix Theatre Festival, 2017
Honorable Mention: The Kilroys List, 2016
Finalist: Leah Ryan Fund for Emerging Female Playwrights, 2016
Finalist: Road Less Traveled Productions Playwright-in-Residence, 2016
Finalist: Panndora's Box, 2016
Finalist: Theatricum Botanicum's Seedings Program, 2016
Semi-Finalist: PlayPenn Theatre Conference, 2016

For The Love Of (or, the roller derby play)

When Joy gets on the Brooklyn Scallywags and meets the star, Lizzie Lightning, she and her long term partner Michelle find their lives turned upside down. For The Love Of asks how much you’re willing to sacrifice – or lose – in order to follow your heart.

  • Center Theatre Group Block Party, 2019

  • West Coast Premiere, Theatre of NOTE, 2018

  • World Premiere, Pride Films & Plays, 2017

  • New Georges Space Grant, 2016

  • Residency with NTI at the O'Neill, 2015 & 2016

  • Alumni Workshop at Sarah Lawrence College, 2015

  • Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre reading, 2014

The Mermaids' Parade
(2F, 4M)

Biron has been deployed to Iraq and Islande is stuck in Coney Island.  A fable of a mermaid connects them both as they are forced to confront their personal horrors in order to try to find one another and themselves during a time of war.

Semi-Finalist: The Relentless Award, 2017
Finalist: Princess Grace Award, 2017
Honorable Mention: Panndora's Box, 2017

Developed during Pipeline Theatre's PlayLab 2015-2016.

(3F, 2M)

Azul and Sweetie are lifelong friends and long time rebels, living in the projects in Coney Island. When they start keeping secrets from one another and Sweetie starts to uncover buried secrets from his past, will their world fall apart?

  • Playwrights Horizons Guest Artist Series, 2018

Super, or, How Clark Graves Learned to Fly
(3F, 2M)

SUPER, OR HOW CLARK GRAVES LEARNED TO FLY is about the shrinking of the middle class as seen through the eyes of a typical American Family –The Graves. Father Samuel has lost his once thriving construction business, forcing the family to downsize significantly. Each member is coping with their personal loss of power differently; Mother Mary is addicted to scratch-off lotto tickets, sister Dot cannot stop picking her skin, Father Samuel has gotten mean and Clark –well, Clark is trying to be everyone’s hero, including his new girlfriend, Laney. 
When Laney’s dreams of running away begin to seem like they’ll become a reality, Clark must choose between his family and his chance at happiness. Intercut with scenes from Clark’s comic book world, Super, or How Clark Graves Learned to Fly explores the increasing hunger crisis as it spreads across America, asking the questions How do we learn to Fly? and What does it really mean to be Super?

  • Fractal Productions reading series, 2017

  • Playhouse on Park reading series, 2016

  • March Forth Productions Summer Salon, 2015

  • Virginia Stage Company Reading, 2015

  • Hub-Bub Cultural Exchange in South Carolina, 2014

Finalist: NEWvember, 2014
Finalist: Trustus Play Festival, 2014
Finalist: Theatricum Botanicum Development, 2014
Semi-Finalist: Gulfshore Playhouse, 2015
Semi-Finalist: The O'Neill, 2014
Semi-Finalist: The Princess Grace Award, 2014

Accidental Burlesque
(6F, 3M)

Accidental Burlesque is a burlesque incorporated theatre piece. It intertwines dance and burlesque within the story of a play. These moments of movement push forward the story and parallel the inner action of the characters’ journeys as they explore love, romance, sexuality and lust. 

  • Reading, New Georges, 2015

Developed during New Georges' Audrey Residency, 2014-2015.

Whoa, and Gina has written even MORE PLAYS than she can fit here!  Head over to her New Play Exchange page to read them all.

Solo Shows

Things I Don't Want to Talk About: a hero(ine)'s journey

Come, take a journey with Gina as she goes on an epic adventure to save a trapped princess from the inner most depths of her mind! Along the way, she encounters sketchy men on the subway, is forced to confront past loves and remembers things she wishes she can forget. A solo show that explores how past encounters with relationships and sex shape sexuality, Things I Don’t Want to Talk About breaks down how stories, sexuality, and sexual assault shape a woman's life.

  • Workshop Production, March Forth Productions (Under St. Mark's), 2016

  • Developed during Fresh Ground Pepper's BRB Retreat, 2016

  • Staged Reading, March Forth Productions, 2016

Short Plays


In the midst of a fight at midnight, Joan and Jessi find an angel who needs a little help.

  • Published in issue 002 of The Dionysian

  • Reading, Barefoot Theatre Ensemble, 2017

  • Reading, The Dionysian Launch Events, 2017

  • Production, Pipeline Theatre's Matchstick Series, 2016


A mother and daughter discover they have more in common than they realized.

  • Reading, The Future is Female, 2017

  • Production, Elite Theatre Company, 2017

  • Reading, New York Madness, 2016

Photography courtesy of Poetic Theatre Productions.