the blurb - The Violet sisters

"Brooklyn born and based-playwright Gina Femia has masterfully crafted an intense and potent work, filled with anger and angst and derision.... we dare not look away for a second save we miss another whack, for – make no mistake – these sisters hit and hit hard. The poisoned air between them is palpable."

Stage Whispers - the violet sisters

"Ms Femia is no sentimentalist; she knows and isn’t afraid to depict that some people revert to type no matter what they should have learned....  Bits of the past are wielded as weapons, tests, confessions and explorations...we hang on every revelatory word as beliefs are torn down and the audience experiences a strong but seemingly hopeless desire for these sisters to be reconciled."

Pride Films and Plays Artistic Director Nelson Rodriguez says, “In an era when women’s rights and autonomy are threatened, I am thrilled for PFP to present For the Love Of. Femia’s superb writing, diverse all-female cast of characters, and representation of contemporary queer women is anchored by Joy’s journey of realizing she has the authority, confidence, and passion to find fulfillment in herself. This play is one hell of ride in which we see that love and roller derby are both contact sports.

PerformInk - For The love of

"We see women kissing. We see women sweating and happy. We see women with bruises as battle wounds. We see women in love and in loss. We see their most vulnerable moments. We see them on a team and in their silences. Here, women, with personality."

Community Spotlight on Gina Femia

"March Forth and Gina have been developing her new solo show “Things I Don’t Want to Talk About: a hero(ine)’s journey,” a truthful examination of being a sexual being and dealing with the things that come with it. Sound dark? Not with as charming of a voice as Gina Femia. Her plays have been produced all over the world, and they are only improving in quality. "

picture this post - for the love of

"Heart pounding action and excitement...Everything about this play is explosive, loud, and fun. The storyline is dramatic and full of emotions. We are engaged the entire time...Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions and a fun ride."

Interview with Gina & Indie Theatre Now

"Plays are a lot like sculptures. They're not meant to lie still on a page, but exist in time and space. Instead of being shaped by hands, they're shaped by mouths and bodies. And instead of the playwright being the sole sculptor, they're shaped by the voices and thoughts of many. Plays cannot exist in a siphon; they need to breathe. They need to be alive."

 Photo courtesy of Jody Christopherson

Photo courtesy of Jody Christopherson